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“Campus gossip Web site tests freedom of speech”: One student’s take on the continuing Juicy Campus saga (Poughkeepsie Journal)


“Students see the possibilities”: A journalism professor writes about what keeps students joining J&MC programs (Miami Herald)


“College students learn records may be open, courtesy not a given”: A rundown of j-students’ experiences gathering public documents in River Falls, Wisc., as part of an information gathering course (River Falls Journal)


“Back home again in Indiana”: Sports journalism program starting at Indiana University  (Reporter-Times)

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A brief list of what I’ve found to be timely, pertinent, and just damn interesting recent reports from other student and professional media that I hope you might be able to localize, adapt, or otherwise draw inspiration from for stories of your own.


Harvard Endowment Fell 22 Percent in Four Months: How is your university faring in the endowment and general donor pool amid the economic turmoil?


Future uncertain for students connected to auto industry: A UWire peek at students involved with a major that might be on a road to nowhere. What is the impact of the auto industry’s woes on the mechanical engineering students and program at your school?


‘Juicy Campus’ Resists Squeeze by Tenn. State: The fight over the proudly rumor-mongering Web site has intensified as of late. What’s the latest gossip about Juicy Campus at your university?


Webcasting Plays Key Role in Chancellor Interviews at University of Tennessee: New media is upending the traditional application process within academia. How is your school joining the Hiring 2.0 bandwagon?


College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.: A New York Times piece posted earlier today that cites a new report finding that “[t]he rising cost of college – even before the recession – threatens to put higher education out of reach for most Americans.” What’s the response of students and admins.?

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Juicy Campus, the “home of the juiciest college gossip,” celebrates its first birthday this month.  Juicy bills itself as a “virtual campus grapevine,” allowing collegians the opportunity to anonymously spread the word about anyone and anything they want. 



The posts have tended toward the lowbrow, as you might imagine, with headings such as “Biggest Slut on Campus,” “Most Surprising Gay Guys” and “Best Places to Get High on Campus.”  As UWire reports, the flurry of attention and contempt surrounding its existence has heightened as Juicy has spread.  The bigger-picture questions it raises: Does a message similar to what might be scrawled on a restroom stall become slander once typed online?  Is it gossip or, in its own strange way, news?  And is it a shining example of free speech, as the site proclaims, or simply a forum for vile rumor-mongering?


The debate continues, but one truth has definitely emerged: Even in newmediatopia, college students love to gossip.  The site now boasts pages for 500 schools nationwide.

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