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A University of New Mexico staffer apparently beat a duck to death earlier this summer with a metal trash grabber– and tossed eggs from its nest in a pond.  When confronted by an eyewitness– who wrote a letter this week to The Daily Lobo— the assailant said she was simply following school policy and cleaning up the nest’s mess.

Every Friday night at a bar near the University of Texas at Austin, raucous drinkers gather to watch turtles race.  Apparently, the shelled creatures move faster than some spectators expect.  Why is the event held?  In a new Daily Texan video, “The Slow and the Furious,” one young woman said about a recent race, “I didn’t get what the purpose of it was, but I thought it was really cool.” :)

Columbia Daily Spectator online editor Jake Davidson recently walked into his homestay in Morocco– where he is living and studying this summer– to find a chicken in the laundry room.  At first, he thought his homestay family was planning to eat it.  Now, he’s not so sure.  As he tells the Spectator, “It’s been a week and the chicken is still there.  I don’t know if we’re keeping it as a pet or what.”

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