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UWIRE provides a nice roundup of recent campus newspaper staff/print edition downsizing, providing briefs and links to full stories about cutbacks at a dozen student papers across the U.S.   As the intro reports: “All over the country, university newspapers are scaling back to accommodate flagging funds, from slashing staff to going online.”


Great list (and CMM appreciates the public hat tip).  The funniest part was the subject line of the e-mail in which the list was included along with a number of other articles (part of a regular story digest sent by UWIRE): “College papers face downturn; Rampant herpes ruining pong?”  Campus media fallout and an unbridled STI epidemic- nothing like being a modern college student!


Separately (and we in collegemediatopia hope it stays that way), here is an excellent, albeit bittersweet video on Vimeo documenting the final days of The Rocky Mountain News, which just ceased printing in Denver.  Will we all be watching similar vids for student papers one day?  (Here’s a related story about the local j-student reaction.)


Final Edition

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