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A judge has scored round two of the slugfest between St. Louis University and SLU communications professor and student newspaper adviser Avis Meyer squarely for Meyer, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


The fight started with an administrative decision last spring to rewrite the charter of The University News student newspaper. The administrators said it was to create a better newspaper. Some student journalists worried at the time it was an attempt to control content. So Meyer, a longtime U News official and unofficial adviser, set up a nonprofit corporation using the names The University News and SLU just in case student editors wanted or needed to move off-campus to continue publishing. Students eventually decided to accept the school-mandated charter changes and Meyer disbanded the corporation. But the school filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit in October 2007 ensuring its registered names would not be used.


Yesterday, a judge dismissed a majority of the school’s suit. The details are a bit complicated, but one look at Meyer’s close-mouthed grin in the photo run with the Post-Dispatch story leaves no doubt about the victor at this stage of the fight.

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