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Interest in student newspapers at Vermont colleges and universities is up, and not just the Web versions!  As The Burlington Free Press reports, “Never mind online editions, which are popular among parents and alumni.  The students themselves are still reading the good old hard copies.”



Even The Cynic at the University of Vermont is optimistic about the popularity of its print(errific) edition.  Same for The Campus at Middlebury College.  According to the paper’s editor in chief:


We have tried in past years to enhance the potential of the Web site by making it an interactive portal for more than just our print newspaper (blogs, videos, etc.), but have not been able to make much progress.  Our focus here on campus remains on the print issue.


But wait, the naysayers will argue, a focus on print will leave you less prepared to enter the Webedeviled world of the professional j-industry.  Maybe so.  But I think it’s also time for a chicken-and-egg question in response: Along with what students need to learn about the professional press awaiting them in the future, isn’t it time for the professional press to look back and learn from certain facets of the studet media’s obvious print success?

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